Adjustable-Number Beds

Adjustable-number beds are one of the newest, fastest-growing segments in the mattress industry. An adjustable-number beds uses individual air chambers that allow you to control and adjust the support in the mattress. Similar in look to an innerspring mattress, an adjustable-number beds has removed the steel coils and replaced them with a dual air support system. Our best models offer adjustability in six separate areas of the mattress.

Six Chamber Air Beds 6 CHAMBER
Two Chamber Air Beds 2 CHAMBER

Five Reasons to Choose an Adjustable-Number Mattress:

Air Technology Provides Conforming Comfort
- The Air chambers gently cushion your body, providing relief to pressure points
You Adjust the Comfort and Firmness
- You pick the exact level of comfort and support
Each Side of the Bed Adjusts Independently
- Couples no longer have to worry about compromising about the firmness of their mattress
You Toss and Turn Less
- Because an adjustable-number mattress conforms to your body, owners report less tossing and turning throughout the night
You Can Get Relief From Back Pain
- Because an adjustable-number mattress conforms to your neck, shoulders, back and hips, your body weight is distributed more evenly, relieving pressure on your spinal alignment